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Monday, 11 May 2015 19:34

Andrew Shanley - Brathay 10 in 10 Challenge - update including day 9 - 1 to go

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As we’re sure you know our Andrew Shanley is taking on the Brathay 10 in 10 challenge. That is running the course of the Windermere Brathay Marathon 10 times – in 10 days to raise funds for the trust which works with disadvantaged and vulnerable children.


For those of you that don’t follow Andrew on Facebook I’ve copied some of his reports into this feature

Day 1

Planned for around 4 hrs 5 mins (exactly) lol..

Now I know the course I might take it a bit easier tomorrow... I thought my legs and back were fine when I finished but after the masseur and therapist had
started on me I realised why they are there... I had knots and tightness pretty much everywhere.... 2 hrs on the table and everything's fine...

Weather was a bit warm in places out there and it has affected quite a few of the 15 runners but the main thing is we are all back safe!!

Day 2

Day 2 finished ... Managed 4:10:05 today so very happy with that run.

It was nice nice seeing Charlie Satterly,Helena Lewis & John Jon Tibke near Hawkshead .

It was also great to see my Julie Shanley and Jack Shanley on the course and at the finish....

This course is very tough especially the last 12 miles just hill after hill.

Pleased to finish and for the next few days just try and keep going as it's going to get harder..

Day 3

Tough day today but really chuffed with 4:17 I seemed to lack a bit of energy on the front half but with the support on the back half it helped a lot....

Nice seeing Julie Shanley,Jack Shanley,Charlie Satterly,Debbie Satterly,Holly, Adrian Bruce,Michelle Thompson,Robin Bartlett,Ruth Bartlett,Debbie Shanley, and my brother Stephen.

And of course all the other help and support on the course....

Day 4

Good day again, but my blister started bothering me at 9 miles so it was a case of just get on with it, found the first half steady and again the back half tough but my energy levels were ok.

I caught up with Ellen and Chris at 21 miles and ran in with Ellen for the last 5 miles Chris found another gear.

Finish time 4 hrs 26 mins today so very pleased with the time ....

Today was Marathon Number 5.
I had great physio and was taped up to hopefully prevent my blister from bothering me.
I felt like I had hit the wall at about 8 miles and it was a case of just getting one foot in front of the other, I couldn't use the blister as an excuse because it didn't really bother me after I had run about half a mile , it seemed to settle down.
It was great seeing Julie and her childminding children at the start and at Newby bridge... They are lovely
Also my Daniel was there at 16 miles, nice surprise.
It was a mental challenge today as well as physical and I'll be honest I would be delighted if I could get round the next 5 in the same way.. ( maybe with a bit more energy) I have eaten 6 pork pies, chips , doughnuts, 2 lots of Salted tomato soup.
Just back from testing and physio and believe it or not it's dinner time, I will as usual have 2 x large dinners followed by a big pudding .... More electrolytes required to fuel my energy I think but then again I have run 5 marathons in 5 days and 13 marathons since March

Marathon number 6.

Hot day and everyone knows I don't do hot. Really pleased with the run mentally today, I basically just settled for a pace and stuck with it. It was nice seeing my brother Stephen on the course handing me bottles of water to drink.... I must have also poured about 10 bottles over me today. My legs can only go at one pace now but if it gets me round that's all that matters. It's also great running without a watch. Food time to go!

That's Marathon number 7 out of the way, sore Achilles, blisters not much energy, feeling hot, but the main thing is I finished. 5:06. Happy with that and I feel ok for the same plod tomorrow

Day 8 Completed but suffered and didn't now which foot to limp with, had a breakdown at mile 9 but then tried mentally to overcome and believe me I was delighted with 5:26 today.... From now it's all about that finish line. Iced ankles and hopefully that will help for tomorrow!

Marathon number 9 completed.
Still running round with swollen ankles and tight Achilles but for some reason I managed better mentally and physically today.
Tomorrow is the final marathon of this completely draining challenge but I will fuel up and give it a good go tomorrow


You can donate and help Andrew support the trust on his just giving page here and visit this page again for more updates 

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