New Membership rates now available for 2021-22





Three Bridges Road Race New Date Sunday 19th September 





Do not attend training if your showing any symptoms of covid 19 or have had a recent positive test result. 

 New Membership rates now available for 2021-22




 New Membership rates now available for 2021-22




Monday, 23 March 2020 09:23


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Message from the chairman 

We hope all our members are well and managing to keep fit. This message is being written on Sunday and it's difficult to assimilate all that's happened in less than a week.

Looking at things positively, we can still  get out and walk, run  and train - responsibly of course - in this fine spring weather.  The emergency is likely to last months, and rather than just  exercise daily, it might be worthwhile having a plan or target to aim at.  If you want some help, contact a coach or a road running leader. 

Use our Facebook pages to stay in touch and post any ideas or any activities you've been doing during the shut down, or send them to Charlie (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And please follow government advice. All athletes must act responsibly and be seen to be acting responsibly. 

Subscriptions and England Athletics Registration. 

In normal times, our subscriptions are renewed at the beginning of April, and part of that payment goes to England Athletics for registration as an affiliated athlete. 

Subscriptions   The committee has decided that until the club is back up running again, payment of subscriptions is suspended and when we do return to normal, the cost for 2020/21will be proportionately reduced - so for example, if we return at the end of June, then the subs will be 9/12 of the full price.   

England Athletics (EA).  All of our members are registered with EA until the end of June (although its fairly meaningless as currently, there are no events or competitions.).  We are trying to find out from EA when they expect our affiliation fees to be paid, and if they will be reduced.  We will keep you posted


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