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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 17:53

Mid Lancs T & F - Blackburn 7th April

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A very rainy day in Blackburn and 22 of our athletes ventured to the first Mid Lancs Track & Field competition of the season


. It was great to welcome some new athletes and bring along some of the more experienced ones too. For many, this was their first competition of the 2018 outdoor season.

In their first competitions at U13s level, Leon Wilson, Zach Earnshaw, Layla Westall and Tom McGrattan all performed excellently. Leon performed in the 100m and 1500m gaining times of 16.3 seconds and 5:40.4 retrospectively. Zach competed in the 100m gaining a time of 17.8 seconds, the 200m with a time of 40.0 seconds and the 1500m finishing in 5:44.5. Layla mixed some field events with her track competing in the Long Jump with her best jump being 3m, High Jump with a best of 1m and the 200m with a time of 33.1 seconds. Tom competed in the 1500m gaining a time of 5:29.0. A new addition to the team as well was U15G Salewa Fadahunsi. She competed in the 100m and got a time of 16.6 seconds.

The rest of the field have previously competed and there were PBs galore!

Fabian Schiller PB’ed with a jump of 3.07m in the Long Jump with other performances of 37.0 seconds in the 200m and 5:34.9 in the 1500m. Max Newton performed his first 800m with a time of 3:06.2 followed by a time of 16.5 in the 100m and a jump of 3.44m in the Long Jump. Both of those were PBs. Aimee Worthington impressed in her 200m knocking off nearly 2 seconds from her PB with a run of 33.4 seconds and a second off her 800m with a time of 3:02.6. Aimee also performed in the Long Jump for the first time with a jump of 2.57m. Hannah Carruthers, another U13 athlete, competed for the first time in the 100m and Javelin scoring 15.8 seconds and 12.18m retrospectively. Hannah also PB’ed in her Long Jump registering a jump of 3.22 compared to her previous best of 3.17.

Fairly inexperienced competitor Niamh Fisher kick started her 2018 T&F season with entries in the 100m and Long Jump; and PB’ed in both! In her 100m she ran a time of 15.1 seconds compared to the previous 16.4 and in her Long Jump she added a further near meter onto previous PB 3.09 with a jump of 4.04m. Experienced runner Elysha Collins came to Blackburn and competed in the 100m finishing in a time of 14.4 seconds just shy of her PB. Regular to the competition Alana Smith kept the Run, Jump, Throw principle in mind competing in the 100m running in 15.3 seconds, jumping in the Long Jump with a jump of 3.41m and throwing for the first time in the Javelin with a throw of 10.27m. Another experience athlete, Alice Hunt, came and competed in the 800m with a time of 2:43.7. Max’s older brother Jack competed in the High Jump but sadly had to withdraw from competition through injury but completed a jump of 1.45m before withdrawal. U15B Fred Calvert took his cross country and parkrun experience and brought it to the track improving on his 800m PB of 2:49.7 to run a new best of 2:47.0. Further through her athletics career, Imogen Graham came and jumped in the Long Jump with a best of 4.69m just shy of her best.

Four of our very experienced athletes who have moved from the U15 to U17 category made the trip to rainy blackburn to compete. Kirsty Hamilton, jack garwood, temi Mustapha and amy bennett. Kirsty competed in the 800m with a time of 2:30.3 a few seconds slower than her PB time and the High Jump with a jump of 1.45m. jack came and ran the 400m in a time of 60.9 seconds with a best of 58.9 to attempt to beat. Temi ran her regaulr 100m finishing in 13.3 seconds, a 200m in 28.4 a second slower than her best and a first performance in the Triple Jump of 9.31m. Amy started the day of competition for the club with the Hammer throw completing a best throw of 19.78m.
Performances of the day has to go to Hannah Giles and Sam Mercer. Hannah has been working heavily on her throwing over the winter period and the practise paid off. Hannah started with the Hammer throwing an impressive 18.19m which is a 5m improvement to her previous best. Shortly followed in the cage again was her discus competition where Hannah threw 12.84m in comparison to her previous best of 11.72m. Another meter improvement. Hannah concluded her day with the Shot Putt throwing 7.32m compared to previous best of 5.19m. A huge improvement for Hannah throw-out the day!
Sam competed in the 100m, 200m, Long Jump. Sam ran 100m in a time of 12.2 seconds compared to previous PB of 12.4 and his 200m in 25.4 seconds with previous best being 25.8. Every millisecond counts! Sam came off the track and jumped an impressive 5.96m in the Long Jump, previous best of 5.72m. Excellent work by Sam.

Overall, an excellent day of competition for our club.

Next for our junior athletes is the YDL Lower for the U13/U15 athletes on Sat 21st April, Upper YDL for the U17/U20 athletes on Sun 29th April.

The next Mid Lancs is on Sat 28th April.


Individual Results as follows:

Fabian Schiller –200m: 37.0; 1500m: 5:34.9; Long Jump: 3.07m [PB]
Leon Wilson –; 100m: 16.3; 200: 35.9; 1500m: 5:40.4 [All First Performances]
Zach Earnshaw – 100m: 17.8; 200m: 40.0; 1500m: 5:44.5 [ All First Performances]
Max Newton – 100m: 16.5 [PB]; 800m: 3:06.2 [First Performance]; Long Jump: 3.44m [PB]
Aimee Worthington – 200m: 33.4 [PB]; 800m: 3:02.6 [PB]; Long Jump: 2.57m [First Performance]
Layla Westall – 200m: 33.1; Long Jump: 3.00m; High Jump: 1.00m [All First Performances]
Hannah Carruthers – 100m: 15.8 [First Performance]; Long Jump: 3.22m [ PB]; Javelin: 12.18m [First Performance]
Niamh Fisher – 100m: 15.1 [PB]; Long Jump: 4.04 [PB]
Elysha Collins – 100m: 14.4
Hannah Giles – Hammer: 18.29m [PB]; Discus: 12.84m [PB]; Shot Putt: 7.32m [PB]
Alanna Smith – 100m: 15.3; Javelin: 10.27m [First Performance]; Long Jump: 3.41m
Alice Hunt – 800m: 2:43.7
Jack Newton – High Jump: 1.25m
Fred Calvert – 800m: 2:47.0 [PB]
Sam Mercer – 100m: 12.2 [PB]; 200m: 25.4 [PB]; Long Jump: 5.96m [PB]
Imogen Graham – Long Jump: 4.69m
Kirsty Hamilton – 800m: 2:30.3; High Jump: 1.45m
Jack Garwood – 400m: 60.9
Salewa Fadahunsi – 100m: 16.6 [First Performance]
Tom McGrattan – 1500m: 5:29.0 [First Performances]
Temi Mustapha – 100m: 13.3; 200m: 28.4; Triple Jump: 9.31 [First Performance]
Amy Bennett – Hammer: 19.78m

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