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minutes may 2021

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Minutes of Zoom meeting 10th May 2021


Present:  Nigel Beeson, Carol Bennett, Conor J Bennett, Mark Gardner, Catie Giles, Angus Murray, Victoria Nicholson, Steve Perry, Charlie Satterley, Liz Smith, Emily Stapleton, Russell Wareing, Kevin Wilson

1. Apologies:  Peter Bennett, Carrie Newton-O’Brien, Russell Wareing

2. News: 

a) Safety – electrical inspection of clubhouse carried out – only 1 loose connection and certificate issued

b) Training Sessions – have restarted and are COVID secure – limit of 30 on track ** 18+ normal sessions. Unable to provide Wednesday sessions as present due to shortage of Level 2 coaches

c) Facilities – toilets are only part of the clubhouse currently in use. Hammer cage not fit for use following review carried out last month – conflicting reports of whether it will be repaired in time for event on 30th May. Shot putt area in need of refurbishment – cost £1500 which club will pay.

d) Events – KW looking to reinstate Power of 5K and currently liaising with City Council – will wait to see what happens with the Park Run events.

e) Membership – request for refund of membership fee for a new member who is leaving due to work commitments – committee agreed a 50% reduction for next year – AM & CS to respond to member

3. Matters Arising:  


3b) Supply of Wifi  to clubhouse – decided not to go ahead with this as it will be cheaper/easier for people to tether their phones.

3d) Run Leader & group training towards 10k events – RW meeting with a representative from University of Cumbria to assist with training.

4. Finance:  

LS reported that there is approximately £57,000 in the bank with £1500 in the deposit account. Applied for a restart grant from the government and received £8000 so far.

Need to establish a training budget for coaches and LiRFs – will expect a level of commitment to the club to balance this off. CJB  advised that the full coaching course is not available online and face to face courses for later in the year are filling up quickly. 

CJB will look into costings for obtaining full pole vault equipment.

Suggestion was made to refurbish the toilets – proposed LS, seconded VN

5. Club Policies

CG advised that CJB had shared policies from England Athletics. Most of the club policies were updated in 2020 but a small group was needed to review them – AM, CB & CG volunteered.


6. Clubhouse


AM advised that the two side rooms were now empty thanks to work put in by CG and CB and these will become indoor training rooms – the steeplechase barrier will be put back in the container. 

Any weights in the clubhouse belong to the club and are being stored in the equipment room (the old office)

AM has looked into replacement flooring and had pricings for vinyl and carpet. Agreed vinyl was liable to split and become dangerous if spikes were worn in the clubhouse; the current carpet has lasted for 20 years. KW suggested obtaining other quotes and suggested The Carpetman in Lancaster. CJB will liaise with coaches for preference of flooring and AM will check with Elaine for easiest surface to clean.

7. Welfare Officer


VN said there are currently two new induction groups in the Junior Section and there had been an offer from one of the mums to take on the Welfare Officer role as long as she didn’t have to be present at every training session (she also happens to be a paramedic).


8. AOB


a) CS looking to refresh the website with new photos – has made a contact who can do this for us as well as producing a video to include the Junior, Senior and Power of 5K athletes to show what we as a club provide. Agreed for CS to investigate further.

b) Committee structure – any changes would require a change in the constitution. If an item is due for discussion which needs a particular member’s input they will be encouraged to join the meeting. AM to look into encouraging a Junior athlete to join the committee.

c) Membership – ES advised approximately 100 athletes now signed up with £2710 in fees received. 253 athletes not yet invoiced plus the U11s – 43 not yet replied. CJB to send list of current Junior athletes to ES – VN  will chase up the Colour Group athletes – currently 70 children on the waiting list,

d) Residential training weekend – CS reported cost of £60 per person for two nights in Keswick


Date of next meeting -  17th June



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