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Committee Meeting minutes Jan 2021

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Minutes of Zoom meeting 25th January 2021

Present:  Nigel Beeson, Carol Bennett, Conor J Bennett, Peter Bennett, Catie Giles, Angus Murray, Steve Perry, Charlie Satterley, Liz Smith, Emily Stapleton, Russell Wareing

1. Apologies: Carrie Newton-O’Brien

2. Matters Arising:  

Road Running -  3 Bridges due to happen on 25th April – SP & Susan Lucas decided to postpone until later in the year for safety reasons, maybe 19th September; Lancaster 10k will use Salt Ayre cycle track in July; Upper YDL scheduled for 30th May and being prepared for – AM will contact Salt Ayre to book the track.

3. Budgeting – looking for ideas to improve the club’s effectiveness: 

a) look at use of clubhouse with possible repurposing of rooms – layout & materials in front office – CG to look into this 

better use of weights room, improve lockers/identify keys; new carpet, paint and noticeboards – AM to look at floor coverings for clubhouse

b) look into supply of wifi to clubhouse so results can go online quickly – CJB & LS to investigate

c) subsidy for minibus for road runners – this already happens

d) option of run leader & group training towards 10k racing & use of track for road runners training – supported by ES – agreed and passed to LiRFs

guest speakers for road runners again on nutrition/sports injuries etc – RW to action

ensure run leaders are looked after - free jackets and tops – completed

e) Club residential (like the COLTS offer) – CS to look at possibilities for road runners; CJB to consult with T&F coaches

f) sandpit cover in pipeline – queried why only one when there are two pits – AM to pursue with Salt Ayre  

improving the facilities so the club can host higher category events (long term aim) – pole vault and steeplechase need to be included. Currently work needs doing on the hammer cage to bring it up to standard – AM to pursue with Salt Ayre

g) Seniors to have use of track on occasion – AM to action when full return to track is possible

pacers at Morecambe & Lancaster park runs – await return of park runs

h) BBQ/social events so members and coaches can meet up across the disciplines and age groups – await return to normal conditions

i) To encourage more volunteers  - offer discounted junior membership for their children – this will require careful definition and an amendment to the constitution – AM to write proposal.

4. Finance:  


The club has received £12,000 from the late Arnold Bibby’s will.

LS reported about £38,000 in the bank.


Next meeting: Monday 1st March – pre-AGM meeting

AGM: Monday 29th March


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