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Commitee Meeting Minutes 20th Jan 2020

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Minutes of meeting held 20th January 2020



Present: Louise Aspinall, Carol Bennett, Peter Bennett, Mark Gardner, Catie Giles, Angus Murray, Steve Perry, Charlie Satterley, Liz Smith, Russell Wareing,
Mike Bray (guest)




1.    Apologies:  Nigel Beeson, Conor Bennett, Brendan Cronin, Victoria Nicholson




2.    News:  




a)    AM paid tribute to Arnold Bibby, a founder member and athlete, who passed away before Christmas. SP amongst those who attended the funeral; the wake was held in the clubhouse.


b)    Avril McLelland, veteran sprinter, has been invested into the Hall of Fame. Matt Knowles took part in the World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina for England – 1st in team event & 5th individually. David Walker was 2nd in Vet60 Ribble Valley 10k & 1st in Vet60 Helmsley Half Marathon.


c)    The club has had a good Cross-Country season: Lancashire Champs – 5 medallists including Anna Nicholson U11 gold, Phoebe Hayashi U17 gold, Matthew Knowles U20 gold. Senior Men won Div 3, Vets won Div 2.


d)    MG has been taking part in indoor events at Sheffield and Glasgow – feels indoor season should be promoted more.




3.    Mike Bray attended to speak about new high jump equipment. Our high jump bed has been scrapped and Salt Ayre’s bed is too heavy. He is advising we purchase a new bed with the best quote coming from Sports Warehouse. Also advised that Lancaster University have been using the clubhouse on Wednesday afternoons; the athletics club have now joined with the running club so can contribute – looking to ask for £20 for usage.




4.    Matters arising from meeting of 9th September 2019:




a)    Cleaning – Elain Gardner’s wages to rise to £200 – AM to email her.


b)    Injury prevention course – AM spoken to Fairways Physio who can come on Tues/Thurs/Fri evenings for free or Sat morning for a fee. AM to ask members for their availability. CG asked if Over 16s and parents could be involved.


c)    Coaches clothing – CJB passed on that he had sent details to the kit company but had not received a reply. RW will liaise and chase up.


d)    Water dispenser – has been fitted and is being used. Installation has been paid but not invoiced for unit yet. PB to follow up. Contactless payments has been investigated but the commission taken doesn’t make it a worthwhile venture.


e)    CiRF course – Kay Schiller is to attend a course.


f)     Clubhouse bookings – no one is doing this at present.


g)    PAT testing done – needs paying before building inspection is done.






5.    Safety:  


New floodlights have been fitted by Salt Ayre.
Heaters – must ensure nothing is left against them.


DBS – need to check for any outstanding DBS for current coaches – CB to check the portal




6.    Finance:




a)    Current status – most fees in now. £21,000 in current account, £1500 in deposit account; some more money to come from Festive 4k. £3,000 of expenses left to pay before end of year, leaving a surplus of £8-9,000.
There has been no access to the account since October 2019 as trying to swap signatories – previously CS, Graham Hodgson & Billy Gardner; changing to AM, SP, LS & PB.




b)    Budgeting – costings for high jump bed already passed. Pole vault – new supports already bought, new bed would be approx. £8,000 but would need protection. SP mentioned a pole had been offered for free. AM due to meet with Salt Ayre on Friday and would discuss match-funding. RW concerned about financial outlay on pole vault especially as club now on better footing. Committee agreed it supported the idea of having a pole vault but cannot fund it totally – also need a plan to develop and attract athletes.




7.    Working Together:




a)    Juniors – CG reported the Reindeer Dash went well. Suggested having more races to mix adults and juniors plus a barbecue and games night in the summer (discuss next meeting).


b)    Seniors – moving towards hosting Injury Prevention Course.


c)    Salt Ayre –AM & Kevin Wilson met with Raechel Williams, the new Centre Manager, and received positive vibes. Asked about a key for the side gate and Wifi access but still to receive a reply.


d)    Development Plan – deferred to next meeting.






8.    AOB :  




a)    Youth Games – CG reported being held in Rendsburg, Germany this year and she is taking 14 athletes along with Alaister Eccles and Mary Hodgson. They are looking to do some fundraising, maybe holding a mini-Olympics and getting businesses involved.




b)    Web Pages 2 pages for the committee not being used fully. Minutes of meetings to be sent to CS to upload when agreed.




c)    Whatsapp – reminder that it should be used for making minor decisions such as small payments for things, not long-winded discussions. We have an online form for funding requests which needs using to keep track of budgeting.




The next meeting was set for 2nd March which will be the pre-AGM meeting.




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