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The meeting opened at 8.10pm. Members present as per the signing in sheet.




1.    Apologies for absence – S Perry, D Voyle




2.    Minutes of the 2018 AGM were agreed as a true record.




3.    Chairman’s Report – Angus Murray raised three points




a)    Finances – the club finances are in a much better position than recent years but there is still some work to do. The committee will work towards having a development plan for the club with medium and long-term goals requiring us to budget accordingly – e.g. this will mean we can fully support our coaches at all levels and disciplines for training courses and deal with any clubhouse maintenance.




b)    Communication within the Club – social media and website aspects are dealt with by Charlie Satterley and there is a need for promoting this amongst members to encourage them to contribute. Newsletters for the Junior Section are now sent out by Victoria Nicholson.




c)    Integration – we are all members of Lancaster & Morecambe Athletics Club, not just road runners or track athletes. We need to be aware of the other groups but not exclusive of them. The committee will look towards hosting some joint fun events between the groups.






The chairman then moved on to thank the coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness for the time and effort they put in each week in the different disciplines. We have lost some coaches during the year but have also gained some new ones. He proceeded to sum up the eventing year for the club –


Track and Field – we had teams in both Upper & Lower Youth Development Leagues managed by Ian Graham & Ola Mustapha; Ola is managing both teams for the coming year; also fielded a Mid Lancs League team. On training nights lighting at the track has been an issue which is being raised with Salt Ayre management and AM is asking City Councillors to give more support to the work of Salt Ayre with regards to the upkeep of the track.


Fell Running – Catie Giles is team manager and had teams in each male/female? . Matthew Knowles has been chosen to represent England.


Road Runners – numbers of runners attending training nights are up and more are entering competitions. Kevin Wilson has started a Power of 5K run at the track on Friday nights which are now attracting 50-60 runners. Numbers attending the 3 Bridges, Fun Run and Lancaster 10K races were steady.


Cross Country – team managed by Victoria Nicholson and Mark Holgate. They have rejuvenated the team and fostered a good team spirit.






Russell Wareing has arranged for club kit to be bought straight from the supplier through a website instead of carrying large amounts of stock.


Safeguarding policies have been updated by Debbie Pedder who has offered to continue as Welfare Officer.


GDPR (Data Protection) policies are to be looked at by CS and Deena Gillan.






4.    Treasurer’s Report –




Liz Smith presented the balance sheet and advised there was currently £12000.00 in the bank. She thanked Emily Stapleton (membership secretary) for doing a great job in registering members with England Athletics going from 416 (2018) to 436 (2019).; VN ensured that Junior members were signed up so they could compete for the club. Billy Gardner complimented the committee on keeping the club solvent during the past year.




5.    Election of President - Steve Perry was proposed by LS, seconded Colin Gemson; all present agreed so duly elected.




6.    Election of Officers – the only vacant position was Junior Development Officer – Victoria Nicholson was proposed by Carol Bennett, seconded Jennie Hodgson; all present agreed so duly elected.




7.    Motions for Discussion – see attached copy of motion




Track fees – AM compared our fees with other local clubs (or fees currently = 68p per week)




Preston – U11 £107pa; Juniors £122pa; no figure available for seniors


Barrow – Juniors £144pa; Seniors  £168pa




Nigel Beeson felt the term “track user” (proposal A) would need defining clearly.


Billy Gardner stared if we are to be one club all members should pay one fee and Salt Ayre should charge a £1 track fee. AM said Salt Ayre would not take a nightly fee; Conor Bennett added this could not be policed whereas the current system guaranteed an annual £6000 income for the centre at present.


Brendan Cronin was in favour of split fees for track users and road runners.


Colin Gemson felt that Proposal A was too complicated to administer and Proposal B would be easier. Road runners do get benefits whereas Juniors have to pay to enter competitions.


Ola Mustapha objected to Proposal A as the sprinters have indoor training during the winter for three months which they have to pay for which would mean them paying twice.




A vote was held as follows: Proposal A – 4; Proposal B – 14; no change 2. So the proposal of an increase to Junior fees of £2 pa and a reduction in Senior fees of £5 pa. was carried.




The motion regarding family membership (also attached) was carried.




8.    The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


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