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Commitee Meeting Minutes Sept 2019

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Minutes of meeting held 9th September




Present: Angus Murray, Carol Bennett, Brendan Cronin, Charlie Satterley, Conor Bennett, Steve Perry, Peter Bennett, Catie Giles, Russell Wareing




1.    Apologies:  Colin Gemson, Nigel Beeson, Liz Smith, Victoria Nicholson, Mark Gardner, Kevin Wilson, Carrie Newton-O’Brien, Emily Stapleton




2.    News:  




Road Relays last weekend – gold U15 Boys; silver U17 Men; bronze U11 Girls


Youth Development League – maintained positions; Lower group almost promoted. Thanks expressed to Ola Mustapha for managing both YDL teams; she is remaining with the Upper team and Mark Ellison (one of the Junior Coaches) is taking on the Lower team.


MidLancs ladies team promoted to Division 1.


Catie Giles managed a small team at Southport Waterloo Open Meet – lots of PBs and medals; also in recent race the Fell Runners Team came 12th/50 – Mathew Knowles won his age group and all others finished in top half of their age groups.


Ray Edgar came 1st in the Stafford 10k.






3.    Matters arising from meeting of 8th July:




Cleaning – Elaine Gardner current cleaner comes in twice a week and does approx. 20hrs pm @ £9ph = £180pm; this has been the same for about 5 years. We need to look at raising the wage. AM to write to Elaine and LS




Booking Clubhouse – BC expressed interest in taking this on & CS to help. Need to check with LS regarding payment from the ladies’ football team.




Club Furniture - 2 new tables & 8 chairs bought.




Wristbands – only 15 senior athletes showed interest so not pursued.




Injury Prevention Course – to be done by Fairway Physio – AM to follow up with roadrunners/CS to put on Facebook




PAT Testing – Dan Giles to do – CJB to organise date




Pole vault bed – due to be moved 5th September – AM to check with KW




Kit Supply – contribution of £140+ received from supplier.




Membership – as of beginning August 319 paying members (88 seniors); September 2018 there were 79 seniors; juniors about the same at 130+; drop in U11s but this will rise with new coaches coming on board – currently 150 juniors on waiting list.




Funding – original request of funding for Safeguarding Training not granted by Community Action Fund but can apply for more funds in October. Criteria is for “those who don’t traditionally participate in athletics” e.g. ethnic groups – could subsidise club fees. BC to approach Chinese groups and Global Link for refugees - also consider contacting Positive Futures/ Active Lives – CS to liaise.




Senior Membership – only 88 queried. AM convinced not all who turn up are registered members. AM will obtain list from ES and do a membership push at Parkrun events.




4.    Safety:  


Fire drill to be carried on 17th September – all athletes and coaches to remain at muster point (by hammer cage) until all clear given.




5.    Finance:




a)    Current status – as per balance sheet. £24,000.00 in bank. LS to send a full balance sheet at later date,




b)    Budgeting – coaching fees/courses – 7 to go through coaching course at cost of £1295.00; LiRF course is £140pp if members of club; established coaches encouraged to attend workshops.
England Athletics can send out “flying coaches” to assist – CG has details and will liaise with CJB.
Clothing – style chosen and CJB to finalise sizes at coaches meeting; AM & RW to liaise for LiRF clothing.
PB raised suggestion of having a stand alone water dispenser – agreed & will price up. Also looking into contactless payment – CS to liaise with Salt Ayre.






c)    Grants - nothing further as yet.




6.    Working Together:




a)    Juniors – nothing to report




b)    Seniors – nothing to report


c)    Salt Ayre – AM met with Stuart Glover – all track lighting to be replaced which will take about 1 week so there will be no track training when this happens; cover for sandpit being bought.




d)    Development Plan – some coaches are not currently qualified as no DBS in place (mainly LiRFs) – agreed CB would remove outdated coaches from portal. Looking at trying to progress coaching assistants to full coaches. AM to contact current LiRFs to encourage some to do Coach in Running Fitness course.










7.    AOB :  




·         Ryelands Park Cross Country with Garstang Club – 29th February 2020 – date not yet confirmed but CB following up. VN taking lead as Cross Country Captain.


·         3 Bridges race 2020 – SP reported funding not yet established


·         CJB asked about buying radios for club to use during marshalling road races – need to check for prices for buying against hiring.




Next meeting Wednesday 23rd October at 7.30pm


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