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Graham Hodgson

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UK Athletics Assistant Coach


(Also British Triathlon level 2 coach)




Started running in road races 1980, Triathlons 1987




Joined club 2005 when I moved to Lancaster 


Started coaching 2014. I enjoy coaching junior endurance runners, I find they are more likely to enjoy running and taking advice from me to improve than adult athletes! Maybe I’m just too bossy… 


Favourite club session:


For me: Running on cycle paths doing various length reps


For junior athletes: I love watching them do pyramid reps on track or the football field and trying to do them at even pace. It’s great watching youngsters improve in races after training for many months. 


Toughest club session: For me and juniors – any sort of hill reps! 


Why I run: I love it and will keep doing it until my body finally gives up….that might be quite soon now as I’m getting old!


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